Q: Do you sell plants with them?

A: Yes! Each block comes with a healthy succuelnt or airplant!


Q: How do I take care of my plant?

A: Check out our Plant Care guide at the top of this page!


Q: How long does shipping usually take?

A: Orders are sent out within 1-4 days after being placed, followed by 2-3 day shipping depending on how far you are from California. We need to be contacted ahead of time if you wish to use the 1 day shipping option, please send us an email at basil@blissblocks.com.


Q: What kind of wood do you make these things out of?

A: Currently all our blocks are made out of California Redwood.


Q: Where are the draining holes?

A: One of the main concerns people have is "Won't the wood rot if there's nowhere for the water to go? Don't you need draining holes?" and the answer to that is no and no.

The purpose of the holes in pots is to drain the excess water that the plant doesn't need. So after months of testing we found a solution! Don't give the plant excess water!

Using a dropper, you can carefully provide moisture at the base of the succulent in the block, and not have to worry about needing that excess water. Since we seal the interior of our blocks, all of the moisture will stay in the pot. Over time the succulent will suck up all the moisture in the small amount of dirt provided, and the soil will be completely dry by the next time it needs to be watered.

If you're growing a full sized succulent plant in your outdoor garden, then yes, you'll need draining holes because you'll be blasting it with a hose, and all that water would rot the roots and kill the plant. But you're taking care of a small succulent, or even a succulent clipping, which doesn't need the same care as a larger, full succulent plant.


Q: Do you guys take custom requests on designs?

A: Of course! There's no guarantee it will be completed immediately but you won't have to pay until you've seen the final product and approved of it before shipping! Email us at basil@blissblocks.com for more information. 


Q: How can we know when certain designs are back in stock?

A: Follow us on social media for live updates on inventory, new designs, and give aways!

Instagram: @blissblocks