Plant Care

Bliss blocks are extremely easy to take care of, and require minimal effort, especially plants with thicker leaves. They will thrive in direct sunlight and regular, light watering, which is easy to manage as long as you follow the information below!

Instructions for airplants:

- These are the easiest indoor plants to take care of! Place in a bright area with no direct sunlight.

- To water, remove it from the moss and either use a misting sprayer, dunk in a cup of water, or run under gentle water in the sink.

- Gently hold upside down and shake off any excess water.

- Water every 1-4 weeks depending on how dry/humid the enviornment. Feel the plant with your hand, if it feels moist and limp water less, if it feels dry and brittle then water more.

- A healthy airplant has stiff, strong leaves.

- Note: the less you do, the better. Airplants are super low maintainence! 

Instructions for our moss succulents:

 - We hand select the most durable succulents out there for our moss succulents. This includes varieties haworthias and sempervivums.

- The moss is the best alternative for those who are new to succulents or are seeking the least amount of maintenance possible.

- The moss prevents you from overwatering your succulent, as it allows the excess water to drain to the bottom.

- The bottom is sealed so the excess moisture won't leak, and will be absorbed by the moss to evaporate.

- DO NOT put these plants in direct sunlight. It will cook the succulent and kill it. Indirect sunlight or a bright area under indoor lights is best.

- Yes, these plants will live with artificial lighting!

- You can remove the moss succulent from the block to check how wet the moss ball is at anytime and see if it needs extra time to dry, or if you need to empty water collecting at the bottom.

- Follow these instructions and your moss succulent will live well beyond 6 months. If it somehow dies before them or your cat steals it, send us a message on our Contact Page and we'll replace it for free!


Here's how to plant your succulent in your block with dirt:

- Choose a succulent or small cactus that isn't too heavy or tall, so that it doesn't tip over time.

- If you're using a clipping or succulent with very little roots, place the base of the succulent in the pot of the block and add potting soil (not cactus soil) to fill up all the space.

- Add extra soil and lightly pack it down with your fingertips. Repeat this process until no more soil can be added. You can lightly wet the dirt with some water to assist the packing.

 - If you're using a store bought, rooted succulent/cactus, lightly brush and shake off the excess dirt so that you can get to roots. Use a knife to trim to roots so that they are no longer than the depth of the block.

- Use the same soil packing method as you would for a succulent clipping.


The general rules to care for your plant are the following:

- Place your block in a bright area. Indirect sunlight is best, and we advise to keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible. The most you can get away with is just a few hours of sunlight a day.

- Give it just a tablespoon of water at the base of the succulent every 1 or 2 weeks. Increase water amount if plant begins to dry due to an excessively dry environment.

- Succulents are very durable/drought resistant. You're better off forgetting to water than over watering. Over watering is the easiest way to kill your succulent in its block.

- Small succulents or clippings with strong stems and thick leaves work best for our blocks. They root much better and require even less watering.


Beginner Tips:

- Remove a little dirt so that it's not up to the rim of the potting hole. This reduces the chances that any dirt will spill out during watering.

- Keep your block near a sink. It will naturally receive water from nearby splashes, so forgetting to water it won't be as bad.

- Don't add any top layering so you can monitor how wet the dirt is.

- If the dirt becomes dry and clumps up, you may need to replace it with new potting soil. This happens if you wait too long to water your succulents, if it is exposed to an excessively dry environment, or if the sunlight is too intense and frequent.


Pro Tips:

- More experienced succulent growers can propagate little cuttings in our blocks. Its fun to grow brand new plants with such style :)

- Try adding more than one succulent into the pot. Create a mini succulent garden!



- Do not overwater your succulents! The easiest way to kill your succulent is to drown it and make the roots rot. Water does not drain in our blocks, as the interior is sealed. Succulents require very little water, especially small ones. Over watering will also cause dirt to over flow out of the plant potting.

- Succulents that are too delicate may not work well in our small pots. If you are set on a specific succulent that is delicate, we suggest using gravel or pebbles to keep the leaves off the damp soil.

- Any other types of plants are not likely to live in our blocks. Succulents, air plants, and cacti work amazingly due to their drought tolerance and survivability in small pots.


Additional care notes:

- Some succulents do not root that well for quite a long time, or wont root at all, but will stay alive in your block.

- For best results buy small succulents that don't take up much root space from your local nursery or garden store.

- If succulents have long roots, trim them so they will fit in their block.